Enter in FMLS and GAMLS

MLS Stands for Multiple Listing Service. fmls_logo
In the Atlanta Metro Area, we have two multiple listing services. There is no logical reason as to why this is, but the bottom line GAMLS_JPG is that our sellers will have their listing entered into both MLS Systems.  These are both databases that all agents enter their listings into to make it public that the home is for sale to other real estate agents, and to the public.  When someone says “We’re putting our home on the market” or “We are listing our home”, they mean that they are listing the house in the MLS.  Only real estate agents have access to enter listings into this tool and they pay hefty fees to have that privilege.  As part of your base listing package, we enter your listing  along with pictures of the home into both of the MLS systems in Georgia for maximum exposure.